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The quality of Ground Support Equipment design standards and manufacturing techniques we ensure our Products are technology driven and carve its own niche in the market.The control, monitoring and protection systems incorporated in the ground support equipment products are automated with sophisticated micro controller based digital system and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) platforms.

Range of Ground Support Equipment Products

Ground Support Equipment for Airlines,Aircraft & Aviation

    • Ground Power Unit (GPU)
    • Air Start Unit (ASU)
    • Air Conditioning Unit (ACU)
    • Electric Baggage/Cargo Tractors
    • Load Bank
    • Static Frequency converter (SFC)
    • Battery chargers
    • Float Cum Boost charger (FCBC)
    • Remote Diagnostic and Monitoring system (RDMS)

Defense Power Systems

    • Power Systems for Indian Army
    • MG Set for Radars
    • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for Main battle tanks
    • Mobile Power Systems (MPS)
    • Single / Dual Power Supply Units (PSU)
    • Special power supply units for high altitude operations
    • Containerized power supply units
    • Dual Rectifier Center (DRC) for radar application
    • Dual Frequency Generator (DFG)

Defense Cooling System

    • Liquid Refrigerant Cooling System (LRCS) for radar application

Defense Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems

    • Hydraulic Servicing Trolley for Aircraft Application
    • High Pressure/Flow Pneumatic System
    • High Temperature Test Chamber

Power Electronics

Digital Systems

    • Remote Control Unit
    • Mak GSE Monitor
    • Control System for LRCS

Software Products

    • Remote Diagnostic and Monitoring system (RDMS)
    • PLC and SCADA
    • LBit
    • Lab View
    • Software for Remote Panels
    • Battery Management System Software
    • UPS Power Monitoring System

MAK Engineering Services

  • Analysis – Structural & Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Cable & wiring Harness design (CWH)
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)